Samrakshana is established out of the felt needs for collective responsibilities and collective actions.

It is a movement to remind everyone of us of our civic responsibilities and to recognize our own services and sacrifices.

Samrakshana endeavors best

  1. To give a form and structure as also life to all our concerns and care for the needy and the deserved in our societies
  2. To provide an outlet for our patriotic sense
  3. To transform our benevolent thoughts into a fruitful effort

Samrakshana believes that every one of us has a responsibility to our nation and duty to render services to our country. It gives a hand to you to make these things happen and make you feel proud of you, your services and support and our nation. It strives for a movement among us - the public - to look into its national responsibilities.

Our mission is building our younger generation into national resources and we solicit your support.

Samrakshana is a registered Trust and does initiate little little services. It has organized blood donation camps, piloted civic magazine in regional language; propagated thrift among its neighborhood. It has plans to provide free higher education to deserving students from rural families and to promote sports. It seeks to provide these services by mobilizing the community and by engaging in professional services.

Its philosophy in raising resources is generating proactive attitudes for collective community partnership.

Let’s come together and LET’S do our bit.  

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