With hundred thousands of vehicles and millions of commuters, our cities and their sub- urbs have become vulnerable to chaotic traffic and we are always prone to breach our traffic norms despite our consciousness. It is true that we are able to make it disciplined and safe and we need to have support and cooperation from every one of us.

Samrakshana believes not only in educating our commuters in road safety but in providing practices on road behavior. Through volunteers, we plan to demonstrate road behaviors and promote road safety measures – wearing helmets and belts, making shelters neat and clean, parking vehicles appropriately, smoke free commutation, travel friendly commuters.

Samrakshana seeks viewers/surfers and their friends to enroll as volunteers. Pl. click here for volunteership.

Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome to increase our road safety at samaritansamrakshana@gmail.com (click word for feedback)

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