Samrakshana has TWO divisions to render services – the Technical Division rendering professional services to augment resources.

It provides professional services
Baseline / Evaluation – of projects, programs and development schemes
Action and Survey research – Needs assessment/Term reviews
Documentation – Brochure, Web contents, case studies, workshop/reviews
Training – proposal writing, reporting skills, leadership and management, advocacy
NGO Management – proposals, planning, mentoring, Management Information system (MIS)
HR Development Programs – life planning practices, Spot It programs

The service division promoting

  1. Civic Promotion Responsibilities - Road Safety, Protective and preventive plans against social violence, organizing civic exhibitions, contests and awards

  2. NEST – National Education Support Team – developing voluntary team of subscribers to provide financial sustenance to support education of meritorious children from rural/tribal areas living in poor economic conditions – first from 61 districts across the country read more

  3. TOPS – Team Of Promoters of Sports – a voluntary group of citizens of lovers of sports to promote specific sports and build capacities and skills among Indian youths to excel in world sports

  4. Community Skill Building - Training to specific and targeted population in the community – children among slum, commuters, bus drivers, police people and civic operators to improve their quality of services.

  5. Student’s Competence Skill building - view gallery [view for more details]

  6. Quality Enhancement training for teachers - view gallery [view for more details]

  7. School counseling centres - [view for more details]

  8. Children skill Clubs - Children’s club cultivates better attitudes and values to our children through motivation, practices and exposures. The eligible age group is 12 – 15 or children studying in 6th- 9th  standard [view for more details]

  9. Personality development skills training - school children and college students - view gallery - view gallery [view for more details]

  10. Documentation training - Expertise in providing documentaion training for the NGOs, CBOs and government officials. - view gallery [for more details]

  11. Documentation Services - documenting annual, research reports for NGOs, CBOs and funding organizations. [view for sample]

  12. Action Research - in socio-economic sectors, evaluation and need assessments [view for sample]

  13. Translation Services - of documents, modules from English to Tamil, Tamil to English.

  14. Training modules development - developing modules

  15. Civic and career exhibitions at schools - Samrakshana is conducting a 3 day mobile exhibition in schools and in prominent places meant for school children focusing on personality development, environment, scientific temperament, social responsibilities and career development.  We exhibit booklets, brochures, pamphlets, activity models in these domains.   Samrakshana also holds contest on emotional intelligence, examination skills, civic awareness and career options along with science and mind games to make the children actively participate in the exhibition. We are also exhibiting skill development training program as available.
    Interested schools and sponsors can contact the office in charge at 044 65184760 or write to email @  for further details.    

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